Power Plate – The 10 minute success

Little time - big results

Use POWER PLATE 2 x 10 minutes...

... and stay fit and healthy in no time at all - what sounds like a dream becomes reality with POWER PLATE: It is proven that two uses for 10 minutes per week are enough to improve muscle strength, your figure and your health.

How does the POWER PLATE concept work?

The secret to Power Plate is the way it operates. It produces multi-dimensional vibrations to give you the specific results you want. Using accelerations Power Plate is able to trigger up to 50 muscle reflexes per second which activate almost all muscles in the body.

Power Plate uses its magic vibration technology not only for the benefit of muscle toning, but also for a broader range of benefits:


There are good reasons why Power Plate is referred to as the “beauty secret of Hollywood stars” – The media reports regularly about the use of Power Plate as an integral part of the beauty program of actors and models. The regular use of Power Plate for 10 minutes twice a week can give you convincing beauty results in just a short time. This is a minimal amount of time you certainly can make available and dedicate to your wellbeing and appearance.


Health is our most important treasure, and it deserves some proactive action. Don’t wait until your body rebels and calls the deficiencies to your attention.

With the use of Power Plate you can provide a great amount of health maintenance. Power Plate is used for both preventive as well as therapeutic purposes.

Well Aging

It is obvious that different age groups have different needs and demands, a matter taken into consideration during the development of Power Plate. There are two factors in „aging“ – The normal aging process and hormonal changes. During the hormonal change the body undergoes significant changes, even if the spirit remains young and dynamic. Continue to enjoy your vitality and stay fit and healthy with Power Plate.

It is not a matter of aging, but one of being able to enjoy a high quality of life well into an advanced age.


Who would not want to be fit, have a trained and toned body, and a good appearance? But – nobody is perfect.

The accelerations produce muscle reflexes which are significantly more intensive than conventional muscle training. It comes as no surprise that Power Plate is also used by top athletes, and that it is an integral part of the training program of numerous international professional athletes.

With Power Plate you can address your personal goals:

  •  10 minutes Power Plate instead of 1 ½ hours sweaty training
  •  Weight loss
  •  Quick muscle build up and body forming
  •  Anti-cellulitis training
  •  Relaxation massage
  •  Prevention of back pains

Fights CELLULITIS and promotes FIRMNESS:

To counteract persistent cellulitis we offer special wraps together with the Power Plate Training. Carefully selected active ingredients help you achieve your goal to reduce cellulitis, strengthen the connecting tissues, reduce your girth, reduce fatty deposits and stimulate your metabolism. We recommend a total of 10 treatments, 2 per week, for a flatter and firmer skin.


There are illnesses and physical circumstances where Power Plate cannot be used at all (absolute restrictions), or where it can only be used  under certain circumstances and/or with some restrictions (relative restrictions). Since the scientific knowledge is continuously changing it is possible that the following list may change.

Absolute restriction applies for:

  • Acute illnesses or infectuous processes
  • Trombosis
  • Fresh wounds or surgical procedures less than 6 to 8 weeks old
  • Implants less than 6 months old
  • Stents and bypass-surgeries less than 6 months old
  • Advanced osteoporosis with fractures (t-score over 3.0)
  • Untreated high blood pressure
  • Severe diabetes mellitus with microangiopathy/gangrene/diabetic foot
  • Brain pacemaker
  • Pregnancy

Relative restriction applies for:

  • Non-acute back pains
  • Stents and bypass-surgeries more than 6 months old
  • Implants more than 6 months old
  • Kidney stones/gall stones
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Tumors, chemo therapy or cancer therapy*
  • Pacemaker*
  • Arthrosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Rotatory or positional vertigo, motion sickness

* This has to be authorized by your physician

At Shannon Cosmetics you can do your Power Plate training in a relaxing private area with a personal trainer at your side, and your training program will be adapted regularly to your individual needs. Free towels are at your disposal, and you won’t even need a training outfit. Enjoy your training and achieve your personal goals with us.

Only 2 x 10 minutes
per week regularly

Prices include 20% tax and are in €

Power Plate 1 training                     25.--
Power Plate 10 trainings199.--
Power Plate 10 trainings + wraps499.--
Power Plate 3 months360.--


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