What's your nail type?

Like there are different types of hair and skin, there are also different types of nails that require individualized treatments. JESSICA, with many years of experience in the manicure field, realized that there is no single product suitable for all nail types. With the help of the best chemists a line of different lacquer bases was created to make sure that you will have the right one to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful and healthy nails.

Use the JESSICA guide to determine your nail type and to solve your individual nail problem, or come visit us for expert advice and expert treatment using the JESSICA system.

How would you describe your nails?


  • This is the goal
  • These nails are pink, strong, smooth and flexible
  • Reward them

Your basecoat: Reward. Maintains healthy, normal nails. Vitamin-rich therapy includes Vitamins A, C, D & E and natural botanicals.


  • Lack moisture
  • May have pronounced ridges
  • They may have white spots or powdery finish

Your basecoat: Rejuvenation. Adds much needed moisture to nails, intenstive complex of Protein KSW, Jojoba, Vitamin E and Warter condition and heal nails.


  • Very hard, inflexible
  • May be curved
  • Tend to shatter
  • Break high on the nail

Your basecoat: Recovery. Restores suppleness and alleviates breaking, moisturizing protein, calcium and water  complex increases flexibility.


  • Thin, weak
  • Cracked
  • Lack luster
  • The nails show no new grow

Your basecoat: Restoration. After-acrylic nail basecoat, restores and rebuilds damaged nails from foundation to surface.


  • Truly in need of some critical care
  • They're soft, weak, lifeless
  • Just won't grow

Your basecoat: Critical Care. Basecoat for weak nails. Intensive complex of Keratin, Soy and Wheat Proteins with Calcium hardens severly weakened nails. Helps strenghten nails.


  • Can occur in all nail types
  • This problem must be addressed first
  • Never file on the peeling area

Your basecoat: Fusion. Stops nails from peeling, chipping and flaking. Rubberized resins fuse the delicate layers of the nail together. Helps strenghten nails.

Have Ridges/Imperfections

  • Surface unsightly
  • Unsmooth
  • Ripply in appearance

Your basecoat: Flawless. Hides ridges and imperfections, protects and strengthens the nail.

Break easily

  • Thin, fragile
  • Prone to splitting or breaking
  • Need extra support to grow

Your basecoat: Life Jacket. Instant support for nails that easily break. Natural Fibers cushion the nail to protect them from breaking.

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