Cellulite treatment

On thighs, belly or bottom?

By means of a scientifically proven transdermal transportation technique – the mesolab electroporation – substances of My[B]CODE or Biomedical Solutions from summecosmetics can be transported non-invasively deep into the skin.


  • Reduces fat depots
  • Activates the metabolism
  • Improves skin smoothness
  • Improves skin firmness

Successful results are clearly visible after a course of treatments! Skin is smoother and firmer, fat depots are reduced.

To boost results we addtionally apply a microdermabrasion or radiofrequency. Our professional body lab from summecosmetics is 100% natural without biotechnology. Results are very good, you see an effect very soon on upper legs, belly, buttocks, arms. Of course it is also possible to firm the skin.

We recommend a total of 10 treatments, 1-2x/week. Depending on the results obtained additional treatments may be necessary.

For further information about electroporation (Mesolab) please click here.


  • My[B]CODE: Preparation, microdermabrasion or radiofrequency, treatment with Mesolab 20 minutes, skin care. Duration 90 minutes

Prices include 20% tax and are in €

My[B]CODE e.g. upper legs                180.--
My[B]CODE 10 treatments          Price upon request


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