Impure skin, clogged pores, acne

Impure skin resp. pimpels?

By means of a scientifically proven transdermal transportation technique – the mesolab electroporation substances chosen from the Balance line of summecosmetics can be transported in our beauty salon non-invasively deep into the skin to treat impure skin. This treatment is integrated in the summecosmetics Balance facial treatment. To boost results we apply a microdermabrasion as well.


  • Reduces sebum production
  • Decreases pimpels
  • Diminishes red spots
  • Restrains growth of bacteria
  • Prevents keloids

We will gladly help you put together an individual skin care program for at home.

There is also the possibility to book Dermacure AHA treatments of summecosmetics instead of Balance treatments. The results are fabulous. Down below you see how redness, inflammations and acne slowly disappeared.

For further information about electroporation (Mesolab) please click here.


  • Balance: Preparation, microdermabrasion or skin refinement with ultrasound, thorough extraction, eyebrow shaping, Pure Regulator Serum Gel (with Mesolab 10 minutes), Balancing Pure Masque, skin care. Duration 1,5 hours
  • Dermacure: Is a very effective AHA-Peeling Concept. Duration 30 minutes

Prices include 20% tax and are in €

Dermacure 6 treatments          405.--


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