Skin Flaccidity

On face, neck, decolleté or upper arms?

By means of a scientifically proven transdermal transportation technique – the mesolab electroporation substances chosen from the MyCODE, My[B]CODE and Biomedical Solutions lines can be transported in our beauty salon non-invasively deep into the skin.


  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Improved firmness
  • Activation of synthesis of collagen
  • Skin regeneration

In the facial area you have the choice between a course of 10 treatments, once a week and having this treatment integrated into your regular facial appointment. Quicker results are achieved with weekly apointments.

We also achieve sensational results combating double chin with Biomedical Solutions and in the stomach area with My[B]CODE! Here we not only firm but also reduce fat depots. The neck and stomach area becomes flatter, slimmer and FIRMER, fat depots diminish! Also upper arms are treated successfully; enough with long-sleeves! We recommend a total of 10 treatments, once a week.

To boost results we apply a microdermabrasion, radiofrequency or a light superficial peeling prior to treatment with electroporation.

We will gladly help you put together an individual skin care program for at home.

For further information about electroporation (Mesolab) please click here.


  • MyCODE: Preparation, microdermabrasion or skin refinement with ultrasound, treatment with Mesolab 30 minutes (can also be combined with radiofrequency), skin care. Duration 1 hour
  • My[B]CODE: Preparation, radiofrequency, Mesolab 20 minutes. Duration 1 hour
  • Dermapen resp. Microneedling: Preparation, treatment with dermapen, treatment with Mesolab, regenerating and soothing mask, sun protection. Duration 1 hour

Prices include 20% tax and are in €

MyCODE 10 treatments                                                              Price upon request
My[B]CODE 10 treatmentsPrice upon request


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