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Naildesign & Manicure

Beautiful hands and nails are essential for an attractive appearance, a symbol of femininty and seduction, a kind of individual signature that often tells us more about a person than any other status symbol.

For beautiful hands and nails; we offer naildesign, manicure and GELeration according to your type and style.

Like there are different types of hair and skin, there are also different types of nails that require individualized treatments.

How do you describe your nails?

Damaged/Post Acrylic?
Break Easily?
Have Ridges/Imperfections?

The cornerstone of the JESSICA System is the ability to analyze and recognize each nail type and treat each nail with specially formulated treatments. Any man or woman can achieve healthy nails with proper care and maintenance.

You will be delighted promised!


Finally - a longer lasting colour!

You do not have to squeeze in a manicure before an important event. GELeration manicures won’t chip, peel, fade and will last for three-to-four weeks, so go ahead and enjoy your manicure.

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Prices include 20% tax and are in €

New setfrom 69,--
Refillfrom 45,--
Manicure classicfrom 26,--
Jessica Nails manicure50,--
Manicure deluxe59,--
Manicure with GELeration53,--
Remove GELeration20,--