„Any path is too long for tired feet“
Georg Büchner, Leonce und Lena, 2. Act, 2. Scene / Leonce

Enjoy our professional and extensive pedicure – relax in a seperate area. Our treatment includes pedicure, removal of calloused skin and corns, and treatment of ingrown nails. For prevention of ingrown nails we offers treatments with clips.

Hygiene is very important to us, that is why our foot tubs are covered with a bag for every single client. Naturally, we work with gloves and mouthpieces.

Last but not least, our special treat, a footmassage – for an attractive appearance, whether barefoot, in sandals, flip flops or hip peep-toes.

If you wish a long footmassage and/or a footwrap with paraffin for extremely smooth skin just let us know in advance and we will reserve extra time for you.

Walk-in is also possible, you don't have to necessarily book a treatment in advance.

ON-OFF gel - Shellac - semi-permanent

Finally - a longer lasting colour that lasts to your next pedicure!

You do not have to squeeze in a pedicure before an important event. pedicures with Thuya semi-permanent nailpolishes resp. gels won’t chip, peel, fade and will last for three-to-four weeks, so go ahead and enjoy your pedicure.

A special feature of the Thuya ON-OFFs, the primer does NOT CONTAIN ACIDS and in turn doesn't damage the natural nails. Also the take-off lotion contains argan oil and nourishes your nails. You will be delighted how nice your nails will look after a ON-OFF gel treatment.


Prices include 20% tax and are in €

Pedicure without nailpolish 30 min.36.--
Pedicure with nailpolish 35 min.38.90
Pedicure with ON-OFF Gel (Shellac) 1 hour56.--
Pedicure without nailpolish + foot wrap 45 min.46.--
Pedicure without nailpolish + foot massage 1 hour             56.--

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