Radiofrequency from summecosmetics

To firm and against hair loss and cellulite

[RF]LAB SYSTEM from summecosmetics can be successfully applied on face, body and on the scalp.

Radiofrequency is a type of electromagnetic radiation that produces an increase in temperature (hyperthermia), converting electrical energy into internal heat by using very high frequency alternating current. In this range of alternation, the change from positive to negative in the electric field causes a rotational movement in molecules which liberates heat and increases cellular metabolism.

To increase the effect of [RF]LAB SYSTEM it is possible to activate phototherapy during the application and treat with Mesolab afterwards.

In the face area our radiofrequency is applied to firm the skin and reduce wrinkle depth.

On the scalp the hair follicle metabolism is activated and it comes to hair growth (it shows also successful results against alopecia areata). The treatment takes place 1x/week for 12 weeks.

Body treatments focus against Cellulite and to firm the skin.


  • Radiofrequency face: Preparation, Peeling, radiofrequency, treatment with Mesolab, skin care. Duration 1 hour
  • Radiofrequency face Deluxe: Preparation, Peeling, thorough extraction, eyebrow shaping, radiofrequency, treatment with Mesolab 15 minutes, massage, masque, skin care. Duration 2 hours
  • Radiofrequency scalp: Hairwash, AHA-Solution is applied and left on for max. 10 minutes, washed off, radiofrequency treatment is applied with TR.10 Capilar Solution, if necessary hair blow-dried. Duration 30 minutes
  • Radiofrequency body: Preparation, Peeling, radiofrequency, treatment with Mesolab. Duration depending on the number of areas treated

Prices include 20% tax and are in €

Radiofrequency face180.--
Radiofrequency face 10 treatmentsPrice upon request
Radiofrequency face Deluxe220.--
Radiofrequency scalp 12 treatments                        720.--
Radiofrequency body depending on area treated180.--
Radiofrequency body 10 treatmentsPrice upon request

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