How do I get a clean feeling if I clean my face with cleansing milk?

It happens time and again that clients remove the milk using cotton pads and then feel that the skin is not clean. Cleansing milk can be removed with water, just like foams or gels.

Is tonic removed with water?

Usually not.

Can treatment products that contain fruit acids be used in the summer?

That depends on the product. Read the product’s instructions carefully. If it can be used we recommend the simultaneous use of a sun cream with a SPS 50+ during the day.

Even though my sun cream is identified as water resistant the instructions say to re-apply after swimming, am I without protection in the water?

This is recommended in the instructions primarily because sun protection does not last forever, and also because of the probable use of towels to dry the skin. This is why a new application is recommended.

What does TOP•C-complex in the MILLE line of Maria Galland stand for?

T = white truffles – moisture
O = gold – radiance
P = peptides – firm and fill in skin from within
C = cell activators – anti-aging

What is tryptophan?

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid. It has to be acquired daily through nutrition because the body cannot produce it. Foods rich in tryptophan are meats, fish, eggs, nuts, milk and dairy products.

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