Pigmentation spots, ageing spots, blemishes

On face, decolleté or back of your hands?

By means of a scientifically proven transdermal transportation technique – the meoslab electroporation substances chosen from the MyCODE line can be transported non-invasively or from the Biomedical Solutions line via microneedling deep into the skin.


Depending on the cause pigmentation spots can appear significantly faded or disappear completely. There are many causes for the appearance of spots:

  • Hormonal disorder (estrogens)
  • During and after pregnancy
  • Taking birth control pills
  • Skin care with a high content in vaseline
  • Taking certain medicines for a long period of time
  • Sun exposure following laser or peeling treatments

Through an overproduction of melanin, especially when caused by sun exposure, undesirable brown spots appear in the skin. To remove these spots and to prevent the creation new ones, a reduction of the tyrosinase (enzyme, which participates in the creation of melanin from tyrosin) is essential. Active agents inhibit the tyrosinase and interrupt the pigmentation process without destroying the pigmentophore.

We recommend a total of 10 treatments with mesolab, once a week or 10 treatments with microneedling every 2-3 weeks. During the sequence of treatments we recommend the treatment with Blemish_Correction Peel from summecosmetics. A unique alpha-hydroxy-acid concentrate against pigmentation spots. Home treatment is very important, Beclarity from summecosmetics is very effective and fits perfectly.

For further information about electroporation (Mesolab) please click here.


  • MyCODE: Preparation, microdermabrasion or skin refinement with ultrasound, treatment with Mesolab 30 minutes (can also be combined with radiofrequency), skin care. Ideal for facial and body treatments. Duration 1 hour
  • Dermapen resp. Microneedling: Preparation, treatment with dermapen, treatment with Mesolab, regenerating and soothing mask, sun protection. Duration 1 hour
  • Dermacure: Is a very effective AHA-Peeling Concept. Duration 30 minutes

Prices include 20% tax and are in €

Dermacure 6 treatments                               405.--


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